Sunday, October 29, 2006

ادهم و سونيا؟؟؟

بعيدا عن طبيعة كتاباتى السابقه ذكرنى تعليق العربى التائه الذى ذكر فيه رجل المستحيل بتساؤل ظل يدور فى فكرى لسنين و هو
لماذا تزوج أدهم صبرى من سونيا جراهام؟

Friday, October 13, 2006

something wrong with my comments

In my blog stats I find that ppl left comments that I just don't find when I come here...!!! I enabled somment moderation for like 5 minutes just to see my comments ...and I found some very new comments left months ago????... Now that cocers me very much because I really needed to read feedback specially on my lastr Iam gonna send blogger a mail asking them what to do...and ask you not to stop giving me your precious opinions ...and apologize for whoever left a comment and thought I remvd it ...I didn't