Wednesday, June 07, 2006

" We are entering the Age of Aquarius—the water bearer—whose ideals claim that man will learn the truth and be able to think for himself"

Now I understand why many bloggers had the urge to post after reading DaVinci's's an intriguing book, for instance this is the first time I read novel and I know all parts of the crime triangle the kiler, the victim, the motive from the very first chapters and in spite of that I am strangely attracted to finish the book, I don't know if that is because of the propaganda or is it really that well written...all I know is that I would sit for hours till my eyes were sore from staring that long at a computer screen.The book is full of riddles yet I feel the book in itself is a big riddle and a code that yet needs to be deciphered ..and I think it might have a bug!!! But one thing I owe to this book is that it sparked my interest about things very far from my reality and made me wanna run searches about them and I guess the next period my readings will be for the mere purpose of removing the vagueness about many things stated in this book.


451 فهرنهايت said...

that's right about the book
(i heared about another novel for dan brown called angels and demons could u help me to get it?)
there is important thing about davinci's code ...
not about jesus .. not about chrestianity ... not about the grail
but rerally we recieve all our predecessors's tales and habits as doubtless part of the religion ..and just discussing those beliefes is forbidden and a blasphemy
other thing that we recieve only a part of the religion that touches us most and then it becomes the main line in our holy book
(أفتؤمنون ببعض الكتاب وتكفرون ببعض)
it is not always a bad thing if we reconsider about what we really believe in
i dont know why u insist witing in english .. ur last post was nice
whatever is up to u... but really ur thoughts deseve to be shared with others who dont know except thier mother language
ربنا يوفقك

placebo said...

Dear Fehrenheit,I couldn't agree with you more about what we recieve blindly and put in our untouchable drawer, and yes i have Angels and Demons as well as Dan Brown's "The Digital fortress "and "The Deception line " and I'd be glad to send them all to you send me an email on cleo_lil@yahoo, about the english-arabic conflict it's just a matter of being lazy to type in arabic because Iam very slow at it..which is nothing Iam proud of and sometimes you have a gush of feelings that you just wanna get out ithout searching for the ذ key !

minesweeper76 said...

I had, more or less, the same feelings reading "Angels and Demons". Reading this kind of shallow thrillers is sometimes more fulfilling than anything else, and above all it brings back the memories of "malaf elmosta2bal" and "ragol elmosta7eel" :)