Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Enough is Enough

Today I decided that I can't take one more of our regular blogs where everything is upside down and there is no hope to flip it back...I wanted just a glimpse of normal chit chat, so I started browsing the links again and after a few hits I found Dr. Haisook's Brain Grooves, I don't know why did I picture the author as "Hotta"... the role played by the notorious Ahmed El Fishawi in a Rhamadan drama that was on a few years back,Hotta was a "different" guy who is very smart, likes horror movies, creative, has a different perspective...so after reading most of his posts and knowing a lot about his Palm OS!!!..I yelled Bingo..I found a blog spot with no gloomy spirit...a blog spot that u can visit yet retain ur earlier mood..(whatever that was)...coz normally after 2 or 3 blogs with the cynical political tinge ...I take off with a horrible mood..just then I found a post where he is criticizing guess what???...medical school...I swear I didn't notice the DR in his title !!!..am I doomed or what..since whenever I like a post I discover it was a product of minds that our Med schools has messed up!!!

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Dr Haisook said...

Hi there..!
Thanks for linking to my blog, and thanks for calling me a 'hotta', cause from the way you describe it, I think it's a good thing being it. I never watch Arabic media so I haven't seen that drama series you are talking about.

Anyways,.. I'm a bit sad my blog disappointed you when you found the med school offensive posts. I've actually sworn to myself not to write such posts to not bring myself down, but I just couldn't stand it. I decided to write at least about the organization I'm working within.