Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"No man is an island, entire of itself... "John Donne,

In my first days of my first job...from which I was fired by the way....I discovered that i should be an island..I should get a walkman or a pocket radio and very efficient earpieces and a book that qualifies as a pageturner ...and I called them "My sanity kit" ...u see I used to work as a G.P. in a police camp..u know for police soldiers...and I kind of had nothing to do all day because these soldiers don't trust us as physicians (and they have all the right to) except to give them sick leaves, so i may get two patients a day with different complaints ranging from"my abdominal hair is falling ...and I need to go home" to
":I keep scratching my self.
:take this treatment and rub it after your bath.
:then I need to go home ..there is no water here and they don't let us shower."
so eventually i knew the game and sometimes sent them home without talking..till ofcourse my bosses gave instructions of otherwise.
And some days i had no visitors at all, then i would be left in a room with like 20 females (physicians and dentists and pharmacists)doing nothing but talking about cooking, children, husbands....and since iam not married I don't have children and I don't cook..may be if I was i wouldn't have found thier conversation so was killing me
so i was famous with always putting my earpieces..and ofcourse i thought i was eccentric and may be rude but I had no alternative...nowadays I find that all ppl are wearing mp3 players all the time ...commuting lecture...talking to colleagues...ALL the timee...I think may be we need to be islands because we r too close to each other it's nearly suffocating.