Saturday, May 20, 2006

كنا رجاله و ووقفنا وقفة رجاله" محمود المليجى فيلم الأرض"

I first heard about Blog-land may b a year or less ago, I read a blog which was merely a journal...still i liked the idea and created one(that i don't remeber the address for ) ..then Blogs went in the "Forgotten drawer " of my mind..this is a drawer where I throw things that I want to forget, things or ppl who have forgotten me, things that didn't really shake me from inside and make me think about nothing else...that was the case till a few month ago when I tripped on the egyptian aggregator egyblogger and found myself like Ali Baba in the famous children's tale, when he first looked at the box full of jewels.I kept reading since then..the timing was very strange because i started really mingling with this world when it was and still is the only place where you can make sense of all the chaos around here in Egypt.
If you are not living here..and you are just an observer through the media(and by that I mean non-Egyptian) may be you will imagine that what's happening here is the main issue and nothing else is pretty much can't be more wrong...Lots of ppl aren't even aware that there is anything happening in Egypt ..yes they might have heard of riots or arrests but u know these aren't news in Egypt and has never been...but what's going on in Egypt right now isn't merely riots or arrests !!
My best friend is a university staff memeber,I was talking to her about my readings and interpretations of what's going on and during that I was telling her how bloggers organize their support through their posts and set appointments to show exactly where they stand in all of fact they are setting an appointment she stopped me and said "when did u say?".."next Thursday..why do think we should go?".."No i just wanted to know to stay at home and avoid the traffic jam "

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