Monday, May 08, 2006

"Bad government results from too much government" Thomas Jefferson

Everywhere around me I read that it's time for a change to take place ...and that it will because we are self destructing.....and Iam not going to talk about the big picture politics ...but the very tiny spot that I as a person take in this picture...the chaos I's now so strange and even absurd to see anything go right...a job taken by someone who really deserves it...and what's more is everything is in the open now..opposite to what we used to learn"evil moves in the darkness" there is no need to hide coz no one can do anything laws no rules ...everything is possible yet somehow impossible.


minesweeper76 said...

I think a big change has been taking place already, but not necessarily to the better. Ironically we are moving towards less and less government rather than too much government, simply because our government is excluding more and more of the Egyptian citizens from its focus. The result is a political system serving 5% of the population and leaving the 95% to absolute chaos.

History, logic, and even mythology have all proven that such a political system can't survive for too long. But with that chaos spreading all across our lives, we could be very close to what's happening in Iraq nowadays. Some people refer to this as "constructive chaos", others call it "civil war".

northierthanthou said...

Spurious quote is spurious.