Monday, May 22, 2006

Today was a total waste of..... makeup

Why do u think I hate the system? I have no definite answer but let's look at my day may be it will give us a clue.
let's take tomorrow for instance...I'll get up at 6.30 get dressed as fast as i can and also as terrible as possible and drive in the streets of cairo for 45 minutes to be at the hospital before 8 ...I have to sign before 8 am that's very nice and disceplinary except that work never starts before 9.30 and Iam even saving you a bigger surprise Iam not allowed to work ...meaning...iam a visitor intern....and visitor residents in my department have been banned from anything but to watch for months before I got there...then the logical reason would be why do u go?...the unlogical answer would be because those same ppl who banned visitor residents who are postgraduate students by the way and graduates of the very same college the original residents come from..those same ppl oblige post graduate students to take this shit..

Saturday, May 20, 2006

كنا رجاله و ووقفنا وقفة رجاله" محمود المليجى فيلم الأرض"

I first heard about Blog-land may b a year or less ago, I read a blog which was merely a journal...still i liked the idea and created one(that i don't remeber the address for ) ..then Blogs went in the "Forgotten drawer " of my mind..this is a drawer where I throw things that I want to forget, things or ppl who have forgotten me, things that didn't really shake me from inside and make me think about nothing else...that was the case till a few month ago when I tripped on the egyptian aggregator egyblogger and found myself like Ali Baba in the famous children's tale, when he first looked at the box full of jewels.I kept reading since then..the timing was very strange because i started really mingling with this world when it was and still is the only place where you can make sense of all the chaos around here in Egypt.
If you are not living here..and you are just an observer through the media(and by that I mean non-Egyptian) may be you will imagine that what's happening here is the main issue and nothing else is pretty much can't be more wrong...Lots of ppl aren't even aware that there is anything happening in Egypt ..yes they might have heard of riots or arrests but u know these aren't news in Egypt and has never been...but what's going on in Egypt right now isn't merely riots or arrests !!
My best friend is a university staff memeber,I was talking to her about my readings and interpretations of what's going on and during that I was telling her how bloggers organize their support through their posts and set appointments to show exactly where they stand in all of fact they are setting an appointment she stopped me and said "when did u say?".."next Thursday..why do think we should go?".."No i just wanted to know to stay at home and avoid the traffic jam "

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"No man is an island, entire of itself... "John Donne,

In my first days of my first job...from which I was fired by the way....I discovered that i should be an island..I should get a walkman or a pocket radio and very efficient earpieces and a book that qualifies as a pageturner ...and I called them "My sanity kit" ...u see I used to work as a G.P. in a police camp..u know for police soldiers...and I kind of had nothing to do all day because these soldiers don't trust us as physicians (and they have all the right to) except to give them sick leaves, so i may get two patients a day with different complaints ranging from"my abdominal hair is falling ...and I need to go home" to
":I keep scratching my self.
:take this treatment and rub it after your bath.
:then I need to go home ..there is no water here and they don't let us shower."
so eventually i knew the game and sometimes sent them home without talking..till ofcourse my bosses gave instructions of otherwise.
And some days i had no visitors at all, then i would be left in a room with like 20 females (physicians and dentists and pharmacists)doing nothing but talking about cooking, children, husbands....and since iam not married I don't have children and I don't cook..may be if I was i wouldn't have found thier conversation so was killing me
so i was famous with always putting my earpieces..and ofcourse i thought i was eccentric and may be rude but I had no alternative...nowadays I find that all ppl are wearing mp3 players all the time ...commuting lecture...talking to colleagues...ALL the timee...I think may be we need to be islands because we r too close to each other it's nearly suffocating.

Monday, May 08, 2006

"Bad government results from too much government" Thomas Jefferson

Everywhere around me I read that it's time for a change to take place ...and that it will because we are self destructing.....and Iam not going to talk about the big picture politics ...but the very tiny spot that I as a person take in this picture...the chaos I's now so strange and even absurd to see anything go right...a job taken by someone who really deserves it...and what's more is everything is in the open now..opposite to what we used to learn"evil moves in the darkness" there is no need to hide coz no one can do anything laws no rules ...everything is possible yet somehow impossible.

"you don't know that yet ...but life is not supposed to be this hard"

This phrase was in Grey's Anatomy show's a medical drama just like ER...ofcourse I like these shows for a very logic reason which is it's my only chance to practice any medicine even imaginary the doctor was tellling a 16 year old girl that phrase today after knowing how hard a life she was leading... don't u just wish to hear this phrase one day with someone apologizing for making you suffer so much...I mean I know we hould suffer I just didn't know that it's supposed to be THAT MUCH..!